Media Production

Polenar Tactical offers media production specifically for the tactical and firearm community.
A crew with intimate knowledge about the industry, we offer a unique way to showcase and promote your products.

Product Featurings

With two different video distribution channels – YouTube and Full 30 we can reach more than 180.000 subscribers and counting.
An average of 20.000 views in the first week of a video’s publication, to as much as a 1.000.000 lifetime views on some of the videos and a backing from Social Media following of over 110.000 people, we can  offer companies a different and direct way to market their products to their existing and new customers.

We have worked successfully with companies like Uf Pro, Arex, Perunika, Husar, Bravo Concealment, Steel-Ops, Lantac and many other big names at featuring their products in our videos, photos and social media, along with providing them with promotional material.

Our only condition is that we would use the product ourselves – which means if we do, our viewers can be guaranteed that your product is of the highest quality.

Firearm Consulting for Film and Television

With many highly qualified firearm instructors, a wide variety of knowledge from tactics to firearm manipulation and a team with a lot of experience in all stages of film and television production, we offer media companies a way of making their portrayal of weapon use on camera as realistic as possible.

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