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Full30 is a modern video platform created especially for firearm related content. 

It works similar to Youtube but without the censorship. Check out our channel and if you like what you see, please subscribe.

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Instead of literally throwing money at your screen, you can now donate as low as $1 per month to show support. Higher tier contributors also get cool rewards.

Slav Tactical Store

Besides the cool T-shirts and PT swag we also have quality made tactical equipment from eastern europe, tried and tested firearm accessories and professional shooters apparel.


Best thing about the store is that it's 100% run by us, so any purchase you make directly supports our team.

Facebook page

The largest social media site in the world probably doesn't need an introduction. They sell your private data and hate firearms but since everyone is there, we have to be also. 

Posting cool gun pics, shitty memes and relevant events :)


A collection of "artistic" pics of guns, ammo and our stupidity.

Samo is our most active IG admin and he replies to all DMs. Sometimes he also posts strange stuff when drunk and then deletes them in the morning :)


After InRange had good succes with moving to PornHub, we decided to do the same. 
We created an account mostly for laughs and will only post certain selected videos here. 

NSFW site and link, but if you prefer to watch porn and gun porn at the same place, click away :D

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