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MSA Combined filter | ABEK 2

Professional filter that provides top of the line protection against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threats


This is one of the best filters available on the market. On par or better than most military NBC filters. 

Rated for:  93 A2, B2, E2, K2, Hg-P3 R D

- reusable

- level of protection: A2 , B2 , E2 , Hg ,K2 , P3

- 40mm thread (NATO standard gas masks and respirators)

- EN 14387

This filter is a bit overkill for COVID-19 but it's definitely effective against it. Equal or better than FFP3, N99 or KN99 level of protection. 
Can also provide excellent protection against pepper spray, CS or OC gas (and any other toxic chemical gasses)

The filter comes in a sealed package and has a manufacturer guaranteed usability up to 5 years. 
In reality these filters can last up to 15 years or more without degrading if left sealed in original packaging. 

When opened it's important to keep them away from moisture to prolong their lifespan.

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