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Ballistic helmet made in Europe



An ARCH helmet weighs only 1,35 kg / 2,97 lbs (for the helmet and without side rail and front shroud). This makes it one of the lightest ballistic helmets on the market. The less your equipment weighs, the more mobile you will feel.

Made in Europe with Kevlar aramid fibers from Dupont.

Rated for NIJ 0106.01 level 3A - can stop up to .44 Magnum

In addition, the helmet has been tested up to 700 m/s against fragments and shrapnel (17 grains) according to STANAG2920, which is the nato standard for testing of bulletproof materials.

A layer of polyrea spray paint is applied around the entire helmet, which ensures that your military helmet can withstand rain, oil and similar liquids. This strengthens your bulletproof helmet and allows it to last for many years without the paint fading or the ballistic properties deteriorating.

New and improved Gen2 helmet.

  • 50% BFD reduction mod 9 mm (HPW-TP-0401.01B IIIA)
  • NEW NIJ IIIA; V50 ballistic test according to STANAG2920, 17 grains 700 m/sec
  • PGD Memory foam internal padding - can be adjusted
  • Designed according to the latest US military standards
  • Comes with our PGD buckle system, which uses high-quality materials from BOA, ITW Nexus and Duraflex
  • The weight of the helmet is only 1,45 kg / 3.2 lbs (incl. Side rail and front shroud)
  • Produced with Kevlar from Dupont
  • Size L (54-60 cm) (XL 60+)
  • Comes with rail system for accessories 


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