Ghost 5.0 Level 3 Retention Holster | Rex Zero 1

Reference: REX021

Ghost 5.0 is a level 3 retention holster for Rex Zero 1 standard and compact handguns.

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A heavy duty holster made for professional use for military, law enforcement or security. 
Level 3 active retention is disabled with a single press on a lever with your thumb as with normally drawing the handgun. The holster still offers level 2 active retention even if you don't engage the hood.

- made from thick impact resistant polymer that is reinforced with steel and aluminum in critical areas

- inside of the holster is lined with suede like material to protect your firearm

- belt loop mounting is adjustable (up to 55 mm) and can be tightened for secure holster position 

- mounting platform positions the holster under the beltline and away from the body, optimized for fast firearm access and work with heavy clothing or body armor

- 2 active retention options, lock at the trigger guard and hood over the handgun 

- holster can be removed from the platform with a press on a out-of-sight button

- holster can be rotated 90 degrees on the platform for easier use in vehicles or on a motorbike

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