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Suppressor KDA II Steel .223 | Compact

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- OA KDA II is the new and improved type of suppressor made by Oberland Arms

- especially designed for automatic weapons

- has more internal volume than it's predecessor OA KDA

- it's diaphragm-free construction significantly reduces the gas back pressure - it also reduces the amount of gas backblast ?? 

- offers noticeably more shooting comfort compared to conventional silencers

- "over the barrel" construction


OA-KDA II steel standard - 170 mm / 680 g

- made for .223Rem. and .300BLK


- includes a matching flash hider, optionally with thread M14x1, M15x1, M13x1, 5 / 8-24 and 1 / 2-28

- can be used with a 'first shot flash hider' and OA 'Suppressor cover' (not included)


Made in Germany by Oberland Arms

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