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Nordic Pocket Saw


- lightweight with a small pack size

- construction of the saw feels solid and reliable 

- cuts effortlessly and effectively in both directions; two people can also use this saw, each holding one of the handles

- chain links of the 65 cm long saw are arranged like a chainsaw

- saw cuts and removes the wood at the same time so that the cut and saw stays clean

- the chain itself is made of hardened carbon steel

- robust Nylon® handles reinforced with several stitches ensure a comfortable and secure grip, even with wet hands

- with the supplied bag, the saw can be attached to the belt to save space and is always ready to hand

- in order to maintain effective sawing power and a long service life, the saw should be stored dry and clean

- the teeth can be reground for sharpening with a 4 mm round file

- as with the chain saw, this chain should also be regularly greased with chain lubricant

  • Chain length 65 cm
  • Packing size: 12x10.7x3 cm
  • Material: hardened steel
  • Weight: 132 g

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