Media Production

Polenar Tactical has started uploading content Youtube back in 2011. It has all started as a fun project between friends by combining our two passions, shooting and filmmaking. From the very beginning our videos had a mix of entertaining content with impressive video production.
The synergy created by these two elements is our winning combination following today.

What separates us from other production companies is simple, We have the capacity and knowledge to complete a project from initial creative idea, to a wholesome marketing campaign and social media after support.

Our most valuable assets are:

  • extensive knowledge of the firearm industry
  • large social media following
  • highly trained shooters
  • professional videographers, photographers and producers
  • a wide variety of firearms, tactical gear and vehicles to choose from
  • selection of shooting ranges and other filming locations

Below you can find statements from the companies that have entrusted us with their important projects:

Train with Polenar Tactical

You want to train with Polenar Tactical in your country like people from Brasil, Finland, Austria, United States, Switzerland and others did or would you like to train with us in Slovenia at our ranges? Send an email at: training@polenartactical.com to find out what we can do together!

Social Media

Polenar Tactical is the biggest gun-related Youtube channel in Europe. It is our pleasure and a great responsibility to represent Slovenia and Europe and their firearm culture to the rest of the world.

We have been named Top 40 Most Influential Gun Industry Influencers in the world by Danger Close Media Group in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

We first met the Polenar Tactical crew at IWA in 2015. They were attracted to our Rex products, as we were to their Youtube channel. Thus our collaboration was born and the result of it was quite a few promotional videos. They also helped us with making our social media bigger and better.

Polenar Tactical is very professional and what we love the most about; they are simple, effective and flexible. The guys know what they are doing and because of  that it was always simple to hand over the reins and let them make the video with their ideas, scripts and scenography. They simply have the whole package and that always meant a lot to us. 

We, here at Arex, are looking forward to future cooperation and recommend Polenar Tactical to everybody that is looking for quality.

Grega Kralj
Project Director
Arex d.o.o. // REX Firearms

Polenar Tactical are a professional group of experienced shooters and producers. If you are looking to boost your marketing with kick-ass videos and unique content, Polenar Tactical are your go-to guys.

Nejc Zavrl
Marketing Director UF PRO

We contracted the Polenar Tactical team to create a 2.5 minutes action video that will demonstrate the benefits and attributes of our RTS- reactive target systems.

We encountered a professional team that was 100% dedicated to the task, with vast experience and all the needed talent and equipment to create a superb final product.

We recommend using the Polenar tactical services.

Itay Goldenberg
Marcom & Creative Manager
Reactive Target Systems LTD.

When I was searching for media production companies to do a commercial video for our new rifle product, I decided Polenar Tactical would be the best fit for us, because they are well known in the gun world, they are experienced shooters and they produce great videos and content.
I was satisfied with the video they made and the exposure we got from it! Our two companies will definitely work together again in the future.

Tomaz Razpret
CEO // Tinck Arms

At DLG Tactical, we had a unique set of polymer firearm accessories, and what we needed was a capable partner to promote them. Considering the awesome YouTube videos they had, Polenar Tactical crew has naturally been our first choice.

They have a great knowledge of the industry as well as the visual side to impress the audience. We used the outstanding videos they made for DLG Tactical for our social channels as well as during the exhibitions we attended. All the feedbacks we got were strongly positive as expected. I truly recommend other manufacturers to consider working with these extremely qualified team to push their brands further in the competitive field of firearms business.

Ömer Erdoğan
Business Development Manager // DLG Tactical
Polenar Tactical does an amazing job of creating content that the tactical market responds to because it’s easy to see that they are genuine.
At Edge Tactical Eyewear we specifically choose to work with the Polenar Team on a project to reveal two new ballistic glasses at Shot Show 2020 because we wanted a video that would attract attention at our booth.  It was a huge success, especially when it came to generating excitement with our distributors.
They are extremely professional with their business dealings and every interaction I’ve had with them has been effortless.  They create amazing content and they keep me in the loop during the whole process in case there is something that needs to be changed.
Edge Tactical Eyewear values our relationship with Polenar Tactical and we are always excited to see what their team produces!”


Paul Carter
Social Media Manager
Edge Tactical Eyewear