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Tactical hoodies, Fleece Jackets and Sweaters

Explore a selection of tactical hoodies at Polenar Tactical Shop, featuring reputable brands like Helikon-Tex and UF Pro. Our tactical hoodies offer more than comfort; they provide a mix of casual style and rugged functionality suited for tactical and outdoor settings. Gear up with a hoodie designed for adaptability and resilience, preparing you for unpredictable conditions. Shop now to find a tactical hoodie that meets your needs.

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Patriot Jacket MK2 | Helikon-Tex

A second generation of Patriot fleece jacket. Light, warm and cozy, made out of hybrid fleece material (340g/m2). The inside is made out of grid fleece, outside looks like normal fleece. Has zippered vents under arms for thermal regulation, 7 pockets and velcro panels with an integrated pen carrier.

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