Find a selection of tactical backpacks from brands like Helikon-Tex or Direct Action, known for their durable, and functional designs. Whether you are looking for a compact EDC (Every Day Carry) backpack, a spacious range backpack, or a tactical military backpack, you will find a variety of options to suit your needs. Our backpacks come with features like MOLLE/PALS webbing, hydration bladder pockets, and organized compartments to ensure that all your gear is securely stowed and easily accessible, making them the perfect companion for military, outdoor, and everyday urban environments

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Bail Out Backpack | Helikon-Tex

A escape backpack for your essentials. The backpack can be attached layed out on the back of your car seat, allownig quick access to your gear. When you take it off it can be quickly packed back and turned into a low profile backpack. When the pack is deployed it can be used as a seating pad or an improvised sleeping mat. There is an additional seating mat in one of the pockets. The additional beaver tail serves as an improvised bag and has three integral AR/AK magazine pouches and a Versitae Insert System® pocket wich can be accessorized with holsters, MOLLE panels or magazine pouches.

Price €122.94

Ratel Mk2 Backpack - Cordura | Helikon-Tex

The next generation of Ratel backpack was made out of user feedback and Helikon-Tex's years of experiance. It's lightweight, durable and has more than 25l that will provide enough space for 1-2 days. On the back side of the main compartment is a pocket that will fit most hydration bladders. There are also two additional pockets on the front side. There is MOLLE/PALS webbing on the sides and front of the backapack which gives you the additional ability to personalise it with additional pouches. The back is stiffened with a polymer plate and an aluminum rod, which makes it a lot easier to carry for long periods of time as does the detachable hip belt and profiled shoulder straps.

Price €77.86

US Assault Small backpack | MILTEC

This heavy duty and water-resistant 20 liters assault pack features 2 large compartments with various zip and mesh inner pockets and 2 small front pockets, as well as a built-in Hook-and-loop pocket for a hydro pack. All compartments are closed with sturdy 2-way zippers. Ergonomically designed shoulder straps are padded, about 5cm wide and adjustable in length. Moreover the pack goes with a padded back and an adjustable waist strap opened with a clip.

Price €32.38

US Assault Large backpack | MILTEC

The pack allows for volume control and baggage fixation thanks to a number of a lateral compression straps and gives a possibility for attachment of additional equipment through a number of robust Nylon MOLLE straps all-round, loops and D-rings on shoulder straps. 

The pack offers a great amount of carrying space and is perfect for emergency services, medics, mountaineering, snowboarding as well as camping or hiking.

Price €38.11

EDC Sling Backpack | Helikon-Tex

A compact, versitale and inconspicuous shoulder pack. The main compartment has no internal pockets and is lined with velour that is compatible with Helikon-Tex's Versitale insert system. 

On the front of the pack there are two pockets. One is zippered and the other is closed with a buckle on an elastic strap (great for a shirt or a lighter jacket).

The pack also has a hidden compartment, that can be opend fast wit a hypalon tab. The pocket is lined vith velour, for mounting Helikon-Tex's Versitale insert system attachemts and comes with a universal velcro holster.

The shoulder strap is padded and has a small pocket (for your phone).

Price €53.27

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