Our Headgear collection at Polenar Tactical Shop offers a range of tactical and outdoor headwear options. Featuring Baseball Caps, Boonie Hats, Balaclavas, and Warm Hats, this collection provides various choices to suit different operational and environmental needs. The headgear is designed to offer protection, comfort, and functionality, whether you are engaged in tactical operations, outdoor adventures, or looking for everyday wear with a tactical edge.

The brands featured in this collection are selected for their quality, durability, and the tactical functionality they bring to the table. With options providing coverage, warmth, and the ability to help conceal your presence in different terrains, our headgear collection serves the practical needs of military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Browse through our collection to find the headgear that meets your operational requirements and personal preferences, ensuring you are well-equipped and protected for your missions or outdoor excursions.

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Thermo-Evo Balaclava | Spaio Thermo-Evo Balaclava | Spaio

Thermo-Evo Balaclava | Spaio

A thermal balaclava for cold weather, made out of modern fabrics that antibacterial, antiallergic, and odour free, while being able to ventilate, wick water and sweat and prevent heat loss.

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PT Ushanka PT Ushanka
Limited Offer!

PT Ushanka

A Russian-style hat for cold winter days with embroidered white PT logo

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