About us

Our Company

Polenar Tactical d.o.o. is a young company that formed from a group of friends enjoying the same hobby.

We may be new to the business but we are far from foolish. The knowledge and skill that we bring to this company derives from our long passion and dedication to the art of shooting.

We take pride to the fact that we are from Slovenia, a small country in Europe, and view it as something positive that can work in our favour.

The idea is to bring quality European made firearm accessories to US market and vice versa.

Goals that dictate our business model are simple:

  • Top quality products
  • Inexpensive shipping
  • Best customer service

The Team

If you don't know who we are you should probably check our Youtube channel  first :)
Essentially we are a group of friends that combined our interests of shooting and filming. We are different, entertaining and innovative. Yes, we like to have fun and yes, we do occasionally like to drink.

But when it comes to business you will find that we are utmost professional.


They're skilled, tactical, professional, and most importantly, they're just downright fun. The Polenar folks have become some of my best friends in the Shooting Community as a whole.

But seriously, where the fuck is Slovenia?”

Brandon - The AK Guy

Their content is pretty good, they seem to know quite a bit about firearms, but I just watch Polenar Tactical for the Manca.

Matt - Demolition Ranch

It fucking holds zero!

Rob Ski - AKOUL 47-74