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Explore a vast selection of pouches at Polenar Tactical Shop, designed to cater to various tactical and organizational needs. Collection includes Magazine Pouches, Medical And IFAK, Dump Pouches, Utility Pouches, Admin And Organization Pouches, among others​​. These pouches are engineered for practicality and ease of access, making them essential for anyone looking to keep their gear organized and readily available. With a pouch for nearly every purpose, discover the perfect carrying solution for your tactical gear.

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Chest Pack Numbat | Helikon-Tex

No more, stopping, putting down your backpack and ravaging through everything to find the item you ware looking for on the bottom of the pack! A great admin pouch for backapacking, hiking. All of your necessities in one pouch at your hand's reach. A lot of pockets, orginizers, walls for all of your essential gear. Can be opened to 90° with the help of two straps. Has a transparent pocket for your map, and is MOLLE/PALS compatible.

Price €61.39

SERE Pouch | Helikon-Tex

SERE pouch is made of durable Cordura 500D and can be carried in 4 different ways. In addition to the classic MOLLE / PALS, it cab be worn in a lowered position on duty belts or like a fanny pack. It will fit all of your basic equipment needed in crisis situations (multitool, knife, tinder, lighter, flashlight) that can be sorted in the internal organizer. Gloves can be attached to the loops on the sides.

Price €19.59
Tourniquet Retainer Tourniquet Retainer

Tourniquet Retainer

A simple TQ retainer. Made out of a polymer shank and two elastic bands.
Fits in Molle/PALS webbing.

Price €11.39

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