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Polenar Tactical Shop offers a variety of belts categorized into Tactical Belts, Inner Belts, and Accessories. Tactical belts are designed for carrying equipment whereas inner belts provide a secure fit. The accessories include items to complement the use of these belts. Featured brands offer durability and functionality, catering to law enforcement, military, and outdoor enthusiasts. A tactical belt from this collection ensures a balance of comfort, reliability, and operational efficiency​.

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Duty cobra belt set | MD Textil

Belt consists out of a 40mm inner belt and a 45mm outer belt with a cobra buckle.
The inner belt fits in service trousers and should fit in most civilian trousers.
Outer belt has velcro hooks on the inside and the inner belt has velcro loops on the outside.
Both belts have internal reinforcement for an optimal mix of comfort and stability.

Price €90.12

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