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Safety is paramount in tactical and operational settings, and the Personal Protection Equipment collection at Polenar Tactical Shop is tailored to meet these crucial needs. This collection provides a range of protection gear including Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Ballistic Protection, and Gas Masks And Respirators, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle challenging environments.

Our Eye Protection gear or tactical glasses offers a shield against potential eye hazards while ensuring clarity of vision. Similarly, the Hearing Protection range helps mitigate the risks associated with high decibel sounds prevalent in shooting or tactical scenarios.

In the realm of Ballistic Protection, we offer both Soft and Hard Body Armor, alongside Helmets designed to provide a safeguard against ballistic threats while maintaining a comfortable fit. Our selection of Gas Masks And Respirators, with compatible Filters, offers a defense against harmful airborne substances, ensuring a safer operational environment.

Explore our collection to find robust and reliable Personal Protection Equipment that stands up to the demanding standards of tactical and operational engagements. Equip yourself with the essential gear designed to enhance your safety and performance in the field​ and the shooting range.

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Ear Plugs Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

Soft foam Earplugs from Earmor.

Comfortable to wear.

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