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Discover a broad spectrum of carrying solutions designed for firearm enthusiasts and professionals. This selection encompasses Ammo Pouches, Soft Carrying Bags for Long Guns, Range Bags, Rifle Cases, Ammo Boxes, Pistol Wallets, and much more. Each range bag is engineered to meet the demanding standards of the tactical and outdoor communities, providing robust and organized storage solutions for firearms, ammunition, and related accessories.The practical design and durable construction of these bags and cases ensure your gear remains secure and easily accessible. Explore the variety of options available, each tailored to facilitate a seamless experience in managing and transporting your essential shooting gear.

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Service Case - Cordura | Helikon-Tex

A dedicated cleaning kit bag for all your cleaning utensils and doo-dads. A single bag solution with room for all your cleaning supplies. Has an organizer for cleaning rod attachments, patches, bottles, tools and other items you use when you clean your firearms. Main pocket is split into two parts, one has fixed zippered mesh pockets and loops, the other one is fully customizable. The bottom of the case is stiffened and and covered with a smoothe yellow washable fabric wich prevents loosing of small parts. A foldable tarp is strapped to the side of the bag. This tarp is ment to be used as a cleaning surface. The tarp has raised edges to prevent small parts rolling of it and warping into an alternate reality. The tarp also has a foldable and removable dish made from the same washable fabric as the bottom of the bag for applying lubricants and oils.

Price €55.66

Multi-pistol Range Wallet - Cordura | Helikon-Tex

A bag from Helikon-Tex that you can use to store and transport two full size pistols with additional equipment. The bag is paddet and lined with soft materials so you don't bang up your pistols. It comes with 8 magazine pouches and two extarnal pockets for carrying your cleaning supplies. One of the pockets has an additional pocket made out of rubber like material for storing your dirty cleaning equipment.

Price €45.00

SBR Carrying Bag | Helikon-Tex

A amazing carrying solution for AR rifles. It will fit 10.5 inch rifles with no problem, 12.5 is the max you can put inside. Also fits separated 16.5 inch rifles. You can fit two AR rifles inside of it, they are seperated by a soft wall that can be removed. Rifles are secured with included velcro straps which prevent them from moving around and scratching. There are also elastic loops for magazine storage and two additional pockets on the outside for your range equipment. Can be carried around as an fairly unsuspicious backpack or you can tuck in the straps and carry it as a normal bag.

Price €122.13

Rangemaster Gear Bag - Cordura | Helikon-Tex

One range bag to rule them all!

This bag was made for shooting range personnel and people who always carry all their stuff to the range. It has a lot of small compartments. It has special compartments for cleaning supplies, tools and compounds; a lot of velcro panels throughout the bag for easier identification of contents. The inside of the bag is lined with big velcro panels for customization. It is fully compatible with Helikon-Tex's Versitile Insert System, which allows attachment of pouches, MOLLE panels, holsters, medical bags and so on. The bag is stiffened and made out of Cordura® 1000D and 500D. It has a really wide carrying strap and tough carry handles for comfortable carry even if loaded to the top.

Price €154.92

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