We provide international shipping. To make it beneficial for our customers we provide fixed shipping rates for all countries. 
This makes it easier to calculate and doesn't bring any hidden cost.

-   2€ for stickers, regardless of the quantity,

-   4€ for patches and other small items, +0,5€ for each additional small item,

-   7€ for T-shirts and other medium sized items,  +2€ for each additional medium sized item (stickers and small items are excluded from this cost),

-   10€ for jackets, pants and other big items, +7 for every big item added to your purchase (stickers and small items are excluded from this cost).


 The expected delivery time in working days:

-   EU countries: 2-5 days

-   US: 7-15 days

-   Other countries: 10-20 days

If the package is not delivered in expected time, please contact us as soon as possible. 


Please, have in mind that these are expected delivery times proposed by our Post office and are not definitive. Sometimes delivery takes longer.

If your order hasn't been delivered in expected delivery time or your tracking number doesn't work, contact us on polenartactical@gmail.com and we will proceed with official inquiry at our post office.

Resolving of official inquiry takes roughly one month. A replacement order will be sent after the official inquiry is resolved, or sooner, depending on the purchased products and personal agreement with the customer.

All orders are sent with Slovenian national post.


In our experience:

CANADA: all the packages are successfully delivered but for some reason tracking number does not work and delivery can take up to 30 days

BRAZIL: all the packages are successfully delivered and the tracking number works but sometimes the delivery can take up to 30 days

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: all the packages are shipped through Switzerland which means the delivery can take up to 30 days



Larger packages are trackable. However, the tracking number is not automatically generated and provided to the customer.
If you haven't received your order in the estimated delivery time, please inform us at polenartactical@gmail.com and we will send you the tracking number.

Orders can be tracked with https://www.trackingmore.com/ or your local post office. 

*some firearm accessories are shipped from a warehouse outside of Slovenia which is noted in their description