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Ballistic Plate - AluOx | Level 4 Multi-curve

*please note, price is for a single plate

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Economically priced ballistic plate made in China, tested by Polenar Tactical. 

We were able to source these excellent OEM plates that were meant to be bought and branded by some company as their own product. We prefer to be honest, label the plates as they are and let our customers decide.
But don't be fooled by the country of origin, these plates are top notch. The materials, quality of construction and especially good performance of these plates makes them a great buy. 
The plate is multicurve Level 4 (standalone) and multi-hit capable.

Video of testing will be available soon.

- Aluminum Oxide, UHMWPE backing

- strikeface assembled from hexagonal ceramic pieces 

- multicurve shape

- Level 4 standalone 

- size: 25x30 cm

- thickness: 2.5 cm

- weight: 2.9 kg

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