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SAPI Hard Armor | NIJ4 | PGD-Berserker


 - manufactured in Europe with European materials and comes in NIJ level 4 protection

- size is 10x12'' and it fits almost all carriers, as this is the standard size for plates

- plate has a thin layer of protective foam so that the ceramic is protected against impact

- plate is made with "heat sealed" water-resistant cover - it keeps water, oil and other fluids away from the plate without damaging the ballistic properties

- made of AL203 Ceramics, which is known to be an economical and a very stable solution without compromising on quality

- edge-to-edge protection


Plate specifications:

  • Tested for NIJ IV (7.62x63 M2 AP)
  • Stand-alone - Requires no soft armor
  • Weighs only 3,4 kg/ 7.5 lbs
  • 25 mm thin
  • 10x12’’ (30x25 cm)
  • Single curved
  • SAPI / Shooters cut so the arms have free movement
  • Warranty: 7-year warranty. That's 2 years more than the law gives you


The plate stops the following:

  • 1 shot 7.62x63 M2 AP (NEW level 4 0101.06)
  • 6 shots 7.62x51 NATO, M80 (NEW level 3 0101.06)
  • 6 shots 7.62x39 MSC (AK47)
  • 6 shots 5.56x45 SS109 / M855 / M855A1

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