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Robla Solo MIL barrel cleaner | Ballistol

Professional bore cleaner from Ballistol.

Comes in 65 ml bottle.

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Due to its special formulation using ammonia, the barrel cleaner Robla Solo MIL is particularly recommended for removing stubborn dirt in the barrel. Robla Solo MIL has been tested by the Bundeswehr Institute of Defense Research and is already being used in various units. The cleaning substance removes tombac, copper, zinc and lead residues from the barrel reliably and without mechanical action and is completely neutral to steel, nickel and chrome. The cleaner is poured into the barrel, which is closed on one side, and poured out again after several hours. The cleaning effect unfolds independently and eliminates smearing quickly and reliably.

Improves shot accuracy when bullet smearing is the cause.

Supports the removal of MoS2 films from coating residues

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