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Mexican Hot Pot and Beef | Tactical Foodpack

It’s spicy, comforting and super delicious, so that sharing is not an option! Tactical Foodpack is the best freeze-dried food for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures.



Rice, minced beef(15%), chopped tomatoes,  red kidney beans, carrots, onions, rapeseed oil, garlic, parsley,  sugar, salt, spices.  May contain traces of  celery, milk and mustard.

- 115g

Preparation: The meal is prepared very quickly even in difficult conditions. Remove the upper part of the Tactical Foodpack bag and remove the oxygen absorber, add 300 ml of water heated to 70 - 100 °C, then mix the contents and close the bag for 9 minutes. If you do not have the option of heating water, you can use cold water, stir and wait twice as long before starting the meal. After the elapsed time, the meal will be ready! You can eat directly from the bag, as its special shape is designed for this purpose. The dish can also be prepared over an open fire - pour cold water into the bag, stir and place it over the fire for a few minutes.

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