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A thermal balaclava for cold weather, made out of modern fabrics that antibacterial, antiallergic, and odour free, while being able to ventilate, wick water and sweat and prevent heat loss.

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- For work or sport activities
- Made of Dryarn fibers, that are more tear-resistant than cotton and can be exposed to heat and sun for longer periods of time. The material is also        feather light
- Dryarn doesn't soak in stains and is easy to clean, antistatic, antibacterial and antiallergic.
- It will retain it's colour even after a lot of washes. Dryarn is resistant to acetone, turpentine and other stain-removal chemicals
- Light and quick-drying
- Wicks water and sweat to the outer layer while retaining your body heat with it's inner layer
- Good fit, doesn't impair movement and does not snag to your clothes and does not compress your head
- No-stitch tehnology
- Made in Italy

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