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Trauma shears 7 1/4'' | Norse Rescue

Trauma shears are an important part of your first aid kit. In an emergency situation you can use them to cut through the victim's clothes to provide treatment. These shears are sharp, with a serrated lower blade and a twisted edge to lift the clothes and not injure your patient.


- razor sharp

- super-hardened surgical stainless steel blades with one serrated edge to cut through toughest materials

- blades tempered to a rockwell hardness of C56 for unsurpassed durability

- contoured polypropylene handles with large ring provide maximum control and comfort

- extra large rivet with a rated strength of 88kg assures rugged durability

- fully auto-clavale to 143 degrees celsius (290F)

- traditional 7 1/4'' length for maximum laverage and strenght

- stainless steel safety bandage tip

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