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Delta M/X holster | IWB | BALDR S | BGs

All BGs kydex holsters are custom made - production time 1-2 weeks


Fits Delta X/M with Olight BALDR S weapon light attached. Will also work with PL Mini 2 or BALRD RL Mini, but the retention will not be as snug and the fit will be looser.

Battle Gnome Solutions Renny is an INSIDE THE WAISTBAND HOLSTER designed for concealed carry. Renny holsters are precision made by vacuum forming 2 mm Kydex T on CNC machined molds and are designed to be compatible with:




For optimal draw and security, the RETENTION IS ADJUSTABLE with the two screws on the front of the holster.

Holster only grabs a part of the trigger guard / weapon light, which minimizes the wear on the gun and makes the draw smooth and fast.

Holster can be worn either in configuration with a SINGLE FOMI IWB CLIP, which features adjustable cant angle, or for added stability, with DOUBLE TUCKABLE IWB HOOKS, featuring both adjustable angle and ride height.

For optimal concealment, Renny holster can be carried in combination with an APPENDIX CARRY WING, which presses the pistol grip tighter into the body, resulting in less printing. The wing can also be removed, and the holster can be carried at the 3 o’clock or small of the back position.

BGs also offers an option of a special SOFT LINING ON THE OUTSIDE of the holster, for increased comfort of your EDC.


Designed and made in Slovenia by Battle Gnome Solutions (BGs)

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