Wound Spray 50 ml | Hansaplast

The Hansaplast wound spray is suitable for mechanical, antiseptic wound irrigation and protects the wound from infections. The alcohol-free formula makes the application pain-free and suitable for adults and children with sensitive skin.

The colourless spray can also be applied to remove bandages that stick to the skin. The bandage is simply dampened with the spray and removed carefully.



  • Hansaplast wound spray
  • For antiseptic irrigation of acute wounds
  • Suitable for cuts, abrasions, smaller burns (1. and 2. degree) and blisters
  • Excellent for removing sticking bandages
  • Without alcohol
  • Pain-free application
  • Does not dry the skin
  • Colourless
  • 360° spray head
  • Excellent for treating children and patients with sensitive skin

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