N1 Combat brake | AK

Reference: BRAK001

7.62 compensator for AK type rifles


KompN family of compensators are made with effectiveness in mind.
With their special inserted baffle design that is somewhat similar to suppressors, they manage to divert large amount of gasses from the muzzle in the opposite direction of the projectile thus greatly reducing the felt recoil and muzzle climb.
Less recoil means that you can make accurate shots on the target faster.

The N1 Combat compensator with only one port is ideal for carbine and CQB type rifles, where overall length is important factor but muzzle and recoil control is still needed.

Made for 7,62x39mm AK type rifles with 14x1 LH thread. 

It must be fitted tightly to the rifle and checked for alignment before shooting! The use of shims or o-rings may be required.

Made in Czech Republic


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