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Wil-Tec X-Brake | .223

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.223 caliber muzzle break (5.56mm, 5.45mm, ...)

X-Brake is CNC machined out of high quality steel. It has special Tenfier-Q surface treatment for an extremely durable and corrosion resistant surface.

Comes with a crush washer and it must be fitted tightly to the rifle and checked for alignment before shooting! 

Thread: 1/2×28

WilTec Germany:

Made in Germany. Our high quality steel together with the Tenifer Q surface treatment gives our muzzle brake the toughness it needs to do its job in keeping your gun as flat as possible while protecting your crown against smacks and possible falls and after all that they still look great!

With the german quality and a reasonable price, they are a no-brainer.

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