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Battle Gnome Solutions GARMIN SPORT PRO REMOTE CARRIER is made to perfectly fit the Garmin Sport PRO Handheld Dog Training Controller. The carrier leaves the buttons and diles exposed for EASY ADJUSTMENTS on the go. 


For optimal draw and security, the RETENTION CAN BE ADJUSTED with the two screws on the front of the carrier. Extra holes are added to the carrier which can be used for optional bungee cord for additional security.


BGs Garmin Sport PRO carrier features a UNIVERSAL MOUNTING HOLE PATTERN and is compatible with most standard belt attachments on the market. The carrier will therefore work with anything from malice clips to Tek-Loks and similar attachments. 


We offer optional T-LOK OWB BELT ATTACHMENT that can come pre-mounted on the Garmin Sport PRO remote carrier.


T-LOK OWB belt attachments feature a universal 9-hole mounting pattern, making the carry angle of the Kydex carrier fully adjustable. Removable horizontal spacers enable snug mounting to any belt up to 60 mm (2.36’’) wide. T-LOK securely locks on the shooter’s belt using two side tabs under spring tension.

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