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PT Waterproof Notepad | Modestone

Black with white Polenar Tactical design on the cover


- strong and waterproof notebook that can be used in any weather conditions

- designed with military in mind

- paper is made from limestone - CaCo3 - so it's very durable and environment friendly (no trees were hurt in the process of making this notebook)

- paper is waterproof, fireproof, tearproof, oil & greaseproof and doesn't get destroyed even if it's submerged into water for weeks

- can be used with greasy hands

- very resistant to wrinkles and crumbling

- perfect for outdoor use, because of it's compact size it can fit in to all pockets, backpacks, vests and purses

- you can write on it with a pencil, ball point pen, keys or even the tip of a bullet 

- features: 

  • 1:25k and 1:50k map rulers inside the cover
  • metric to US measurements conversions
  • maps scales metric to English
  • English linear measurements
  • 11cm long ruler
  • 30 sheets
  • 7 x 7 mm / 0,3 x 0,3 in squares
  • size: 13,5 x 7,6 cm
  • name space on the front cover


Made in Finland by Modestone

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