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Modular Individual Med Kit Pouch | Helikon Tex

Helikon-Tex's take on IFAK pouch. Comes in two pieces - a pouch and a rip-out velcro attached insert.


Time and rescuers safety are what counts in first aid. The Modular Individual Med Kit® combines a bespoke pouch and the Universal Med Insert. Combined they allow to set the basic first aid kit in a deliberate, optimal layout – from gloves to gauze, to bandages, to disinfectant and trauma shears.

The pouch is accessed via two-way zipper. Inside there is velcro panel for mounting the Med Insert, two elastic ribbon loops, two Paracord loops and a mesh pocket with elastic drawstring. The pouch is available in several colors, has a velcro panel with a reflective paramedic cross embroidered, detachable hip belt, and in the bottom part, three ribbons and an elastic drawstring. It is MOLLE/PALS-compatible.

The Insert opens to the sides, providing instant access to the contents segregated at users discretion. Segments of the insert can be easily closed with velcro and open with deliberately placed opening loops. On opening the rescuer has access to whole of the med kit, without the necessity of additional opening or shifting the components. The Insert is red, which together with reflective elements (Paramedic cross and carry handle) on the flap aid in quick finding the Insert – vital at low light or turmoil, etc. of the rescue mission.

Modular Individual Med Kit® should be mandatory for both terrain and urban operations.

No medical equipment included.

Data sheet

10,5 cm / 4.13 in.
6,5 cm / 2.55 in.
18,5 cm / 7.28 in.
320 g / 11.288 oz.
100% Nylon

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