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Competition Hammer Spring | Rex Zero 1

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Lighter hammer spring for Rex

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Lighter hammer spring for Rex Zero 1S, Tactical and Compact.
Ideal for IPSC and other sport shooting disciplines.
The spring noticeably reduces the weight of DA and SA trigger pull.

Warning! Using this spring set may reduce the reliability of your handgun when using ammo with harder primers.
Not recommended for self defense handguns.



4 Stars for Now... More if the follow-up is good.

I could find no data or reviews to give me the trigger weights with this spring so I went ahead and took the plunge on it. The description on the page here only mentioned that it lightens the trigger pull, but not by how much.

Before installation the Double Action in my particular Rex Zero 1S was 13.5 lbs (60 N) and the Single Action was 5.5 lbs (24.5 N). After the installation of the Competition Hammer Spring these came down to 10 lbs (44.5 N) and 4.5 lbs (20 N). It also mentions light primer strikes, but most ammo in the USA doesn't have the insane hard primers that you see from some manufacturers in Europe/Asia. I was afraid it would be an 8 lb / 3 lb trigger.

I did a pencil test before/after the install. This is a (very simple) test of the firing pin's thrust. With the gun pointing upwards, I put a pencil with the rubber eraser end down into the barrel. I put it next to a yard/meter stick and measure how much the pencil jumps when the hammer strikes the firing pin. A Sig P250, a CZ75 Compact, a Glock 19, and HK USP Compact were also tested for comparison. The HK had approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm) of jump and all of the others had between 1 to 2 inches (2.5 – 5cm). In this test, the Arex would regularly eject the pencil clear of the barrel with between 9-11 inches (23-28cm) of jump. After the installation of the lighter competition hammer spring the jump fell to right around 8 inches (20 cm).

I will follow up this review after I've had a chance to fire some ammo. I'll be looking for ammo with notoriously hard primers. I won't test steel case since I generally don't buy it because of its prohibited use in most commercial indoor ranges. If I can get to an outdoor range to shoot a box of Wolf, I will. Ammo for testing will be Winchester 124gr NATO and CCI Blazer. I will also try to source some Sellier & Bellot because that has some reported hard primers.

I'm not expecting any ignition problems. I've had no issues with my CZ75 and it has a number of lightened components. It has a reduced power firing pin return spring and extended firing pin to ensure reliability with a lighter hammer spring. The Arex? It's firing pin extends further from the breech face and the firing pin return spring is even lighter. Had the FP return spring been as heavy as the CZ's factory one I would not have put a lighter hammer spring in the firearm.

I will end by saying that installing this hammer spring was not a walk in the park. The Polenar Tactical video showing the disassembly and removal of the hammer strut look way easier than my experience with it. If I knew how much of a pain it would be, I might not have attempted it.

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Competition Hammer Spring | Rex Zero 1

Competition Hammer Spring | Rex Zero 1

Lighter hammer spring for Rex

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