Supreme Pro earmuffs | Sordin

Reference: spes

- up to 4 times noise amplification

- stepless size adjustment

- memory function for last set volume

- noise limitation to a maximum of 82 dB(A)

- gain 15dB linear

- reliable shot blast insulation and good speech intelligibility

- offer a smooth, level-dependent function that eliminates abrupt sound cutoff

- AUX input (for connecting external audio sources)

- watertight battery compartment

- two separate, well-shielded microphones for optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction

- around 600 hours battery life with two standard AAA batteries

- power saving auto shut-off feature after 4 hours of no button input

- comfortable, luxurious leather lining covers the head band

- lead with 3.5 mm mono jack plug included

- SNR = 25 dB

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