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"AK Operator" training video | BluRay

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The Modern Guide to a Legendary Rifle.

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"AK Operator" training BluRay includes almost 3 hours of educational and entertaining material.

It consists of the following chapters and subchapters:

-          »Introduction«

-          »Safety rules«

-          »Know your rifle«

o   Rifle features

o   Operating system

o   Field strip

o   Maitenance

o   Ballistics

-           »Getting started«  

o   Magazines

o   Proper grip & handling

o   Loading & unloading

o   Shooting stances

o   Marksmanship

o   Zeroing the rifle

-          »Rifle manipulations«  

o   Reloads

o   Malfunctions

o   Shoulder transitions

o   Rifle to handgun transitions

-           »Advanced techniques«   

o   Rifle ready positions

o   Shooting from cover

o   Unorthodox shooting positions

o   One handed emergency operations

+ 11 chapters of bonus content


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"AK Operator" training video | BluRay

"AK Operator" training video | BluRay

The Modern Guide to a Legendary Rifle.


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