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Zinx Oxide Spray (200ml)

Zinx Oxide Spray (200ml)

The zinc oxide spray is a care spray for animals. It is used, for example, on small wounds on the animal as protection against insects. The ointment spray supports the regeneration of the skin and protects it from damaging environmental influences.

Comes in 200ml spray can.

Price €7.79
Z9 Magazine | Glock 43 | Shield Arms Z9 Magazine | Glock 43 | Shield Arms

Z9 Magazine | Glock 43 | Shield Arms

A steel magazine is dimensionally the same as an OEM glock 43 magazine, but holds additional 3 rounds.


Price €57.05
Wound Spray 50 ml | Hansaplast

Wound Spray 50 ml | Hansaplast

The Hansaplast wound spray is suitable for mechanical, antiseptic wound irrigation and protects the wound from infections. The alcohol-free formula makes the application pain-free and suitable for adults and children with sensitive skin.

The colourless spray can also be applied to remove bandages that stick to the skin. The bandage is simply dampened with the spray and removed carefully.

Price €4.90
Waiter | Victorinox

Waiter | Victorinox

Remember the time you went drinking out with your buddies and no one had a corkscrew, so you ended up butchering the cork with screws and broke the neck of the bottle?
This knife will make you the saviour of the evening.

Price €13.03

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