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Explore a range of tactical jackets at Polenar Tactical Shop, designed to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in the tactical and military fields. Our collection includes tactical jackets from brands like Helikon-Tex, UF PRO, Mil-Tec, along with windstoppers, winter jackets, and versatile hoodies, all built for durability and performance. 

A tactical jacket - an essential part of equipment

Providing protection, utility, and an edge in performance. Tactical jacket shields against harsh weather conditions, while offering storage options for gear, and aiding mobility. Its design aims at ensuring you remain at your operational best regardless of the circumstances. Integrating a tactical jacket into your gear set is a smart choice for both functionality and protection. Shop now to find a tactical jacket suited for adverse conditions and various tasks.

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SAS Smock | Helikon-Tex SAS Smock | Helikon-Tex

SAS Smock | Helikon-Tex

Made from Duracanvas material (because regular canvas just wasn't durable enough), this bad boy can be waxed for that extra oomph against rain and snow. It's the jacket that says, "I'm ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at me, and I look good doing it."

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