SilvaPRO Antibacterial Burn Dressing | 5in x 9in

Reference: BAND001

- provides dual cooling and antibacterial protection in a single solution

- for the pre-hospital management of first and second degree burns

- the silver ions in the dressing directly destroy bacteria, and continue to kill bacteria for up to 7 days in the case of prolonged field care or extended transfer times

- on wetting, Silvapro creates a soft, cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface

- fluid held in the gel provides a rapid cooling effect that helps relieve pain from burn wounds, and is sustained for four hours, the moist environment created in the dressing also helps patient's wound to debride

- repeated wetting of the dressing can sustain cooling effect for extended periods of time if needed. In addition, Silvapro also offers a high capacity for wound fluid absorption

Size: 5in x 9in - covers up to 2% total body surface area - enough to cover the outside or palm of a hand


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