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PGD Buletproof Vest Beta | Large

In Large size only

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 This bulletproof vest is called PGD-BETA. It is used by police, guards and other security professionals.

The PGD-BETA offers high value in terms of weight, comfort and flexibility. It offers NIJ 2 (II) protection against some of the most advanced hand gun threats such as .357 magnum and 9 mm. 

​​BETA is produced at ISO9001: 2015-certified factory in Denmark.

The BETA is a Hybrid bulletproof vest, which means that the vest consists of polyethylene and aramid. This gives one of the absolute lightest, bulletproof vests in NIJ level 2, with a weight of just 1.2 kilo (2.65 lbs) for a size Large.

The bulletproof vest has a lot of important details, so you feel comfortable in, and give you very high security:

  • It can be hidden under your jacket, sweater and the like, while covering all the crucial places
  • It protects all the way around the torso, ie. it protects your body minus your arms, head and legs
  • The vest is ergonomically designed. In practice this means that you can use the bulletproof vest for your everyday work, without the vest getting in the way
  • The high quality carrier system offers maximum fit and protection and the Outlast® PCM-technology provides maximum comfort so you can wear the vest for up to 12-14 hours. It is a NASA-technology that keeps your body neither too hot nor too cold but keeps the body temperature just right
  • The BETA is manufactured with a hybrid composite design with aramid from ProSystems in Italy and Polyethylene from Barrday in the USA. We love hybrid compositions because it makes the bulletproof vest stronger, lighter and more resistant than monolithic structures
  • The soft armor insert is sealed with our Ultrasonic sealing technology. This provides a 100% waterproof TPU-cover that is resistant to all kinds of liquids


It is possible to add hard armor plates in both front and back:

  • S-M accepts S ESAPI
  • L-XL accepts M ESAPI
  • XXL accepts 30x25 cm / 12x10 inch, M ESAPI
  • XXXL accepts 30x25 cm / 12x10 inch, M and L ESAPI

Specifications BETA:

  • NIJ II 0101.06.
  • Ultra-thin - only 6 mm.
  • 8/10 flexibility.
  • UNISEX - works as a bulletproof vest for both men and women.

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