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- professional liquid soap for hands, body and hair

- efficiently removes heavy metals from the skin and hair

- the soap is dedicated especially to shooters and all professionals working with heavy metals

- the soap has been additionally enriched with moisturising substances, which prevent the skin from drying and leave it velvety smooth

- dermatologically tested

- shooters and shooting range employees are in a high-risk group (high risk of lead-poisoning)

The heavy metals accumulating in the human body, especially in the liver and kidneys, may lead to their damage and cause acute, chronic poisoning (for instance, lead-poisoning, mercury-poisoning). They are toxic to the human brain, thus the nervous system disorders, such as impaired concentration, sleep disorders, reduced concentration and memory, paresis, and even symptoms resembling mental illnesses may appear. The heavy metals may also lead to bone decalcification, infertility, adverse cardiovascular lesions, fetal damage, as well as tumour development.

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