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Ready Alpha | Precision Boost Ready Alpha | Precision Boost

Ready Alpha | Precision Boost

What it does:

  • - Improves mental focus
  • - Increases energy levels
  • - Delays fatigue
  • - Reduces cortisol stress

Recommended use: take 1 capsule 20-30 minutes before your shooting session.

30 capsules in one container.

Price €29.99

Bail Out Backpack | Helikon-Tex

A escape backpack for your essentials. The backpack can be attached layed out on the back of your car seat, allownig quick access to your gear. When you take it off it can be quickly packed back and turned into a low profile backpack. When the pack is deployed it can be used as a seating pad or an improvised sleeping mat. There is an additional seating mat in one of the pockets. The additional beaver tail serves as an improvised bag and has three integral AR/AK magazine pouches and a Versitae Insert System® pocket wich can be accessorized with holsters, MOLLE panels or magazine pouches.

Price €122.94

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