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Individual First Alcohol Kit | PT

Introducing Polenar Tactical's latest innovation: the IFAK - Individual First Alcohol Kit! Because sometimes, the best remedy is a sip away. Our compact pouches are not your typical spirits – they're tiny treasures of liquid courage designed to lift your spirits in any situation

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Nitrile Gloves | Hera Ultra Grip

Nitrile Gloves | Hera Ultra Grip

Black disposable nitrile gloves, perfect for mechanics and engineers.
Gloves are thicker than standard nitrile gloves, and won't tear as quick.

Heavy duty gloves.

Price €1.64
Tourniquet Retainer Tourniquet Retainer

Tourniquet Retainer

A simple TQ retainer. Made out of a polymer shank and two elastic bands.
Fits in Molle/PALS webbing.

Price €11.39
Trauma Shears II Trauma Shears II

Trauma Shears II

Smaller and lighter shears for quick and safe removal of clothes from casualties.

Price €4.10
Scalpel with Disposal Lock

Scalpel with Disposal Lock

- Gamma sterilized

- size #10

- blade retracts with one simple motion and can be permanently locked inside the handle for safe disposal

- Sheffield stainless steel blade

- length of the handle is 4.9 inches / 125 mm

Price €2.05

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