FOX Chest Seal

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- Dependable chest seal from the makers of Celox™

- Strong adhesion in extreme conditions

- For potentially lethal open chest wounds

- Contains 2 chest seals for ballistic wounds in a compact package

- Simple no-valve design, vent with large, easy to operate tab

- Sterile, latex-free, FDA and CE listed



- 4 tear notches for opening

- Injuries up to 15cm maximum length

- Adhesion performance maintained at -18° and +55°C

- Corrugated, high visibility peel tab for venting

- Re-sealing adhesive


Instructions for use

1. Wipe out dirt / fluid from skin around wound

2. Grip tab and peel to remove one FoxSeal from clear liner. This exposes adhesive side

3. Place dressing centered on the wound, adhesive side down

4. Preferably do this while patient exhales as air pressure in the pleural cavity should be less than during inhalation

5. Firmly press dressing to skin around wound to seal

6. If another wound is present, repeat steps 1-4 with second seal

7. Use tab to vent and re-seal, if required

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